AMMAN – May 2, 2016 - The General Administration Regional Office of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) held its annual meeting with a special focus on future plans and projects.
The meeting, chaired by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, and attended by all executive directors, managers, and heads of activities, departments, and sections addressed the best and most successful means to benefit from the various diversified 440 professional expertise and competencies at the General Administration in Amman with a view to unify and increase efforts. 
HE Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh pointed out during the meeting that TAG-Org’s General Administration has very high professional competencies and experts indicating that this professional army who serves TAG-Org offices all over the world, in all professional sectors, fields, and services, does not exist in some of the largest companies and should be directed to serve external clients and not TAG-Org only 
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh added that the General Administration is an integrated professional services company operating under the name “The Integrated Services Company in the General Administration”, indicating that even if most of the company’s activities are for profit, non-profit activities are also encouraged; as the main goal is to spread and provide the highest level of services through state-of-the-art technology means.
His Excellency stressed that all TAG-Org employees are required to come up with creative methods to achieve the goals of the organization, particularly in providing the best services to clients.
He stressed that transparency and the no-secrets principle are of the golden principles adopted by the organization, with the exception of those related to the clients’ information. Regarding the work procedures, organizational structures and prices, they are of public information, and not a secret matter; this is the reason for TAG-Org’s distinguished success. This is why Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property became the most prestigious company in the world when it comes to Intellectual Property services.
TAG-Org reckoned to have the General Administration of its regional office in Amman due to the distinguished investment and economic environment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II in terms of security and stability.
The Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) is the largest global group of professional service firms in the fields of Accounting, External Audit, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Taxation, Educational Consultancy, Intellectual Property, legal services, among many others. It was established in 1972, and operates in 85 offices and 150 representational offices worldwide. It is managed by the General Administration in its Regional Office in Amman, where it has more than 2000 employees − 25% of which work in the General Administration in Amman.